At the grand peristyle you can get comprehensive reading and consultation to find out the source of your problems.
We offer voodoo rituals, prayers with, magic potions powder, talisman, etc.

1. To appease alienated ancestors and enlist their help and support in all your endeavors

2. To obtain new and promising work, obtain promotions and raises.

3.  For protection against accidents and mayhem.

4.  To increase your fortune through new opportunities and good luck.

5.  To rectify unjust situations (may involve divorce cases, financial disputes or other legal       situations)

6.  To stay out of jail. ( please consider that if you committed a crime, we cannot  remove your karma or incur karma on your behalf)

7.   To bring the object of your desires closer to you

8.   To bind your lover to you.

9.   To protect you from evil-doers, the evil eye, negative influences etc..

10. To return evil spells and curses to those who have sent them.

11. To ensure fertility

12. To ensure safe journeys and protection during your travels.

13. To ensure safe passage of the soul into the beyond world after the death of a loved one.

14. To lighten grief and give strength in times of great personal difficulties

15  Dreams Interpretation.

16  Good Luck Charm preparation

17  Initiation Services (Ason,  Hougan sou pwen, Hougan Asogwe).

18  Spirits Receptions ( Resepsyon tab les anges ).
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